IT & Business Process

IT Health Checks

Your IT infrastructure is one of the most important parts of your business or organisation.

We are, of course, way past the days of a single computer sitting in the corner intimidating employees with its unknown capabilities! Whether it be databases, servers, networks, emails, shared calendars, e-commerce, software or hardware, we are able to help.

Maven have extensive experience in finding IT solutions for a wide range of businesses and organisations. From schools to shops, from small businesses to large enterprises, we are able to support what you already have or set up what you feel you need, even tell you about solutions you might not know about.

 Deployment - 1:1 & BYOD

We love working with  (Apple) equipment, especially the iPad and iPhone. We've seen a massive shift in how people work and how companies are enabling a new kind of flexibility.

While this is great, you need to make sure that your business is not hampered or held back by deploying mobile devices. The iOS system is a powerful tool that is only now starting to be understood as a platform in its own right and not as a substitute for a desktop environment.

The main challenge facing iOS is making sure that the platform is managed correctly so that it works for you and not against you.

iOS is so easy to manage and control (if you know how). It isn't here to replace paper or replace a laptop, it's here to enhance and work along side them. 

One of the biggest advantages for rolling out a deployment of iOS devices is the user engagement. 

People love their iPads and iPhones. They use them all the time.

So why not help your employees use them for work?

Future Planning

It is common for Maven to visit people who say "we've only just got that" about hardware we're suggesting they need to upgrade. The problem being that they have installed old technology that won't cope with the demands that are coming in the future.

We keep an eye on what is developing in future technology. This allows us to ensure that we are bringing the latest ideas into your business with room to grow, not just cope with what you currently have.

We further consider how scalable your current workflow is. This way we are able to help you make the changes before it's too late.

It's much better to make a change now before the issue becomes critical and you lose valuable time 'fire fighting' or using 'work-arounds'.


 (Apple) is the only PC manufacturer increasing its share of the market and, because of this, we are seeing an increase in the number of companies that need to add Macs to their network or replace their PC's with Macs. We can help with this.

Macs and PC use the same technology as each other, they just implement it in different ways. We offer training and business process consultancy to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Can't move to Mac because you use a Windows only program? Think again!

We have helped countless companies integrate or migrate their business workflows to Mac.

We understand that not every company wants to make a complete switch. It is normally the 'creative' team that need Macs. That's fine too. We can help integrate those Macs into your current workflows and network. As we said before they both use the same technologies, just in different ways.


Web Tech & SEO

managed websites

Website design is a key component in presenting your business or organisation to the online world. Almost everything a potential client, supporter or participant will decide about you is conveyed through the design, content and layout of your site. 

At Maven we specialise in custom design sites that suit both your needs and budget. We are able to build alongside your design choices and allow you to take ownership of how you are perceived by visitors to your site.

In addition to designing and building your site, we are able to offer SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing. These processes will be crucial in allowing your site to be highly ranked in search engines. Your social networking presence and the fundamental elements of your site combine to score highly in major search engines. We are able to construct a strategy so that you are rated and recognised by the people you want to attract to your business or organisation.

Cloud Email

Why go 'cloud'? Well it costs less! It means you don't need to have your own 'in house' IT guy looking after your servers or even someone remote who will have to charge an hourly rate overtime something goes wrong. By using our cloud email service you get all the functionality of having your own exchange server at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the hassle. Because we're able to buy our licenses in bulk, and have our server housed in a local data centre, we're able to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

With our cloud email service you get: 

  • Email (active sync for mobile devices), 
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Tasks
  • Public Folders (shared information available to everyone in your company) 
  • Instant Messaging.

The best thing is that all upgrades (hardware and Software) are covered by us and so are all the backups. You know exactly what you have to pay each month so you're able to budget accordingly (no more nasty surprises).

Latest Tech and designs

We use the latest design theories and technology to make sure that your site looks like it belongs in this year. Whilst we can't predict where design tastes will go, we can make sure that we have put everything in place to ensure you get the longest life out of your website design.

We use CRM based web systems to allow you to update your own site. No more waiting for weeks for the 'web guy' to respond to emails, just log in and make the change. Whether you're changing the text on a page, updating a picture or adding a new member of staff, it couldn't be easier. We also create bespoke training videos for every site we make. This ensures you'll be able to change something at any point just by following a few simple instructions.

Our servers are always up-to-date and all security patches are completed as and when they become available, so you're secure in the knowledge that your webspace is safe.

SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

We have all had those emails (I can get you to the top of Google), well... it's a lie! You can get to the top but you're going to have to work hard at it and probably spend a lot of money in the process. Our take on this is to try and increase your ranking while making sure the money you are spending is paying off (there isn't much point if you're at the top of Google but the work you generate doesn't cover the cost of getting there)!

The most important thing with SEO is making sure that your website is error free and has lots of fresh, high quality content that is easy to read. All of our sites come with built in SEO tools that help you to make sure your content is scratching where your clients are itching. If you don't have a website built by us, we can still scan your site and put right what might be wrong. Contact us if you want to see a demo report and find out how we might be able to help.

Visual Media & Brand

maximise your impact

Maven recognise the market is often crowded for new business and attracting interest for future projects and customers.

We are not aiming to offer the standard level of support that you might find at another company.

We value creativity and imagination to help our clients reach for more than they thought possible and to grow beyond what they had aimed to achieve. 

stand out from the crowd

All of this is to do one thing...

Make you stand out from the crowd. Most companies have a website, brochures, twitter account etc.

So what are you doing to stand out?

Most people end up going with the company that looked the best. That normally means looked the most professional which in turn normally means paid the most attention to the 'little things'.

We've found that people are willing to pay more for a service from a company that looks and feels like it's completely on top of every aspect of their business. 

It's imperative that you give potential clients an impressive first impression (you only get to do that once). Wether it's a Facebook advert, business card, website, brochure, leaflet, print advert or email signature, it needs to help you stand out.

Film & moving image

Moving image and film are beginning to make their way into PR thinking. With the onset of stronger camera technology, a high impact promo film or series of presentations can make all the difference when you are trying to stand out from the crowd.

Maven have produced a variety of films and moving image graphics for education establishments, businesses and charitable organisations.

We are able to capture quality footage with high standard film cameras as well as taking to the skies to with our film drone to create incredible pictures from as high as 1km up.

This technology allows you to present yourself to clients or supporters in a uniquely impacting way.

photos say a thousand words

A well placed, well taken photo can transform your marketing and brand.

It's important to have a consistent message throughout everything you send out or publish. So often it's not the object of the photo but how the photo is framed, focused or post-produced that has the biggest impact.

You'd be surprised just how much of a difference a photo can make to a presentation, brochure or blog post.

While stock photos can be a good source of a well taken photo, too often they aren't able to effectively deliver your brand.

Maven Consulting have built the new website for the Cadfan Group. They were very patient and responsive during the process; our business is in a period of change, and our ideas evolved significantly during the process. Maven were very good at incorporating our changing vision.

Please take a look at our new site - we’re delighted with it. It represents a step change for the Cadfan businesses.
— Jonathan Rumens, Cadfan Group