THE MAVEN MUSTER #4 - #featKurtRussell

The Muster has landed; updated logo, new e-mail and even Hollywood guest stars (not really).

This week we look up to the skies above and ask: What is the Cloud? How does it work? What can it do for me? And most importantly, is it safe? Also, Sam gets fit just so he can eat more chocolate, Dan becomes an Office365 sales rep and Lewis lists Kurt Russell films.

THE MAVEN MUSTER #1 - #ChampagneProblems

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our #FunFriday post today is extra special as we launch the first ever Maven Consultancy podcast!

Starting today and arriving onto iTunes, SoundCloud and our website every fortnight - the Maven Muster aims to talk all things tech in a lighthearted, accessible, interesting - and hopefully - humorous way as well as giving you an insight into the brains behind Maven,

Our first episode, #ChampagneProblems is free to listen on all platforms and can be subscribed to through the iTunes Podcasts app. Just search for "The Maven Muster" and click subscribe to make sure you don't miss a thing!

*Drumroll please*