The Importance of blogging


If you are reading this you have probably found your way to our blog. We have discussed a few topics on our blog and we are going to share with you all a little secret. We have a reason for writing these blogs.

It is extremely important to keep content on your website up to date and fresh. If you have a still website that hasn’t changed in 4 years and you’re struggling to get people on your website, Don’t be surprised. When people come to your website, you want them to visit again, and again, and again, and again (You get my point... Recurring visits) Having a website that keeps people coming back is a great way to show the almighty web wizards at Google that your website is good and people want to see it.

This is where the Power that is Google steps in. Google is smart. It sends out algorithms all the time that search through your website for good quality, fresh content that it thinks people will want to see. So even if you have no-one to read your cool sweet blogs, google will still see the work you’re putting into your website and it will bump it up its lists. So when people search for things that relate to your website (and your Blogs!) it will look through websites, see yours and think: “This is a cool fresh website, and look! This person is posting cool things that can relate what this guy is searching for. I’ll chuck this website at the top of the results!”. Well google doesn’t actually think. It’s more like billions of 1’s and 0’s that look something like this:




0100000011101000110100001101001011011100110011101110011” *

This is the beauty of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want people to see your website, you have to give your website something that Google thinks people will want to see. So Having a Blog with regular posts about topics relevant to your websites purpose will not only get you higher ranked on Google, it will bring visitors that are interested in what your site has to offer.

Blogs can demonstrate your knowledge. If you can write a lot about your chosen field, when people come to your website they will think: “My word! This person knows their stuff!”. Which, if you’re trying to sell a service or a product, can only look good.

Recurring readers are more likely to trust your brand. If a person is regularly investing 5 minutes every few days to read your newest blog, they will learn to recognize your brand and start seeing you as trustworthy. So when it comes to them wanting a service you provide, why would they go anywhere else? 

Additionally. If you want your blogs to be seen to drive traffic to your website then you should make the most of social networks. If you have a Facebook page then post links to your blog there. Then share that with all your Facebook friends. The same goes with twitter. Get tweeting those blog links! you never know what clients you could bring to your business!

And remember! Get filling those blogs with keywords!**

*This says “Blogs are pretty cool things” in Binary.. Don’t believe me. Check it out

**Like we did by writing ‘blog’ 15 times