My Favourite Apple Watch Face


So here it is... 

I've tried a few. I loved the X-LARGE watch face but missed the slick 'Rolex' second hand. Loved the anaologue faces but miss the ease of seeing the time in a format easy to understand without having to engage my brain at all (I have to sign in and out of a lot of buildings). 

So here's how I did it...

  • Use the SIMPLE face
  • remove all the detail
  • choose your highlight colour (I went for red) 
  • remove all complications (small bits of detail) but one (I chose top right) 
  • set that to 'world clock' 
  • on the Apple watch companion app on the iPhone go to: settings>clock>city abbreviations then change LON to either a 'space' (for nothing) or an  symbol. 

You can create a keyboard shortcut to create these. I use apl. Feel free to just copy the symbol from here to create your own.

I'm sure I'll change it again but surely that's the point of having a smart watch?!?!


thanks to reddit for the heads up!

thanks to Cult of Mac  for the keyboard shortcut idea 

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