How to get Facebook messenger on the iMac’s messages App

Apple is famous for bringing the separate things you love into one place. The iPhone is one example. Unfortunately there are somethings apple hasn't integrated to be native on their devices. one of those being Facebook’s new Messenger App.

The messaging app has had a strange story. It was first released in 2011 which may surprise a lot of people. It continued on like that for a while with Facebook announcing new features until Facebook announced that the App would Replace the messaging service on the original Facebook app. This caused controversy and the App was flooded with negative reviews as people were complaining about being “Forced” to download it. However a year later the tensions have eased and people use the messenger app more and more and even use it instead of SMS messaging people.

This is great for Facebook, but for people using OS X Yosemite’s Continuity feature to send SMS and iMessage from their mac are in the dark. With people sending Facebook messages instead of SMS, Apple hub for all your messages becomes pointless when you have to log on to facebook to reply to all your Facebook messages. Apple have yet to get Facebook messenger integrated on the mac, But until they do there is a solution.

Follow these instructions to get yourself set up with Messages on the mac: