Dropbox Update?

Dropbox Update

Warning! If you are a Dropbox user using the app on an Apple Mac computer that runs OS X Tiger (10.4) or Leopard (10.5), be prepared to lose connection to your account from May 18.

Admittedly we know this warning isn’t for all of you. We wouldn't be surprised if it didn't apply to anyone. Apple’s big cats are getting old. Very old! Tiger Was released in 2005, Ten years ago. That's before Virtual reality and Wearable Tech were even concepts. It was the year the Xbox 360 was released and was two years before the iPhone was released, a year after it started development.

Moving further back to 2001 and the release of the first big cat OS X Puma (10.1), That’s fourteen years ago. We are sure most people wont even know what the computers that supported Puma are even called (The PowerMac, eMac, PowerBook and iBook are some examples FYI).

Not all the big cats are out of date. Snow Leopard and Mountain lion are still fairly commonly used however I digress. If you have an Apple computer that is relatively new, You Should have moved on from the Big Cats entirely. And we see no reason anyone should be using OS X Mavericks as 

Yosemite is supported on every mac that Mavericks is. If however you do have an old mac that is running OS X 10.4 or 10.5 and cant upgrade, we strongly recommend you upgrade to a newer model. 

Your Dropbox files will still be available Via their Website Even if you run 10.4 or 10.5 and won't be deleted from your Mac. The Dropbox folder will just stop syncing to their server.

P.S - We do have an old iMac G5 in our office that runs OS X Leopard. So to follow our own advice We should probably update that computer as well. But I guess we just like a little bit of retro.