#FunFriday - Challenge accepted

Gaming in the last ten years has grown into something of a monster. An unprecedented rise in the popularity of MMORPG's, open world epics and statistic heavy management wannabes has made gaming much more intense than ever before.

And if you're anything like me, there are times you just want to cry out for a simpler way to enjoy five minutes instead of committing the next four hours of your life to slaying near-invincible bosses!

Have no fear, Apple is here! Since introducing App integrations for iMessage, gaming with your friends couldn't be easier. Here we've selected our three favourite, iMessage gaming apps to challenge your friends with!

1. Mr. Putt
A simple, but effective turn based challenge that's perfect for playing with your friends. A simply but intuitive take on Crazy Golf, pick from four locations and try to beat one another's score - and because you're already in iMessage you can trash talk them all there way through their shot!!!

2. Cobi Hoops
Whilst flicking your finger in the same direction repeatedly doesn't sound like the most fun Cobi Hoops does a great job of entertaining you. A refreshingly good looking mini App, Cobi Hoops challenges you to score more hoops than your partner within 30 seconds for eternal glory!


3. Sea War: Battleship with friends



Enough said - enjoy.