WWW. What We Want.

A quick overview of the three things on our wish list this week:

1. River

This portable battery pack is all singing and all dancing. Made by EcoFlow (a new startup) River promises to charge any and all devices you can think of (near enough, anyway!).
On a full charge River can revive a dead laptop ten times and a phone fifty times. It's not too heavy, coming in at *just* under 5kg and comes with 11 ports to charge myriad of devices.

Pricing is around the £500 mark, which may seem expensive at first glance but the price fits the need for the audience this was designed for. Photographers, multi Media users, Drone operators or even travelling musicians. In fact, River can cope with all the demands of a travelling DJ setup - speakers, turntables, lighting etc - for approximately eight hours.

Official Website


2. SONOS Playbase

Now we're aware that this is not the 'perfect' setup for a home theatre. It is a one piece that packs a punch - which, to be honest, is all that most of us want.

The Playbase comes out the box and sets up quickly, intuitively, and sounds great (which is the most important thing, surely?!) At £699 it's at the top end of any single base audio setups but with a built-in subwoofer and an incredibly easy setup it takes the hassle out of giving your living room that extra OOMPH. And if you're wanting a next level setup for your home - additional speakers are available and integrate seamlessly through SONOS apps.

- Official Website


3. Battlefront 2

Star Wars celebration always brings about teasers and trailers and glimpses and gasps and this was a personal favourite of mine. Battlefront 1 was a little disappointing to be honest - but the force seems strong with this one! Online gaming will always be where games like this thrive but personally the Single Player Campaigns are where I fall in love with a game and all the early noise about Battlefront 2 seems to be the investment they've made in this area. Now there's a long way to go before it's released but for now, sit back and enjoy the game trailer.

So comment below and let us know what you're wanting this Wednesday?