#FunFriday Cortana is funnier than you.

Last week, our #FunFriday blog was all about Siri's witty ripostes to our wonderfully simple questions. Testing 'AI' is always enjoyable and often the perfect way to waste ten minutes on your lunch break - well now we're at it again! But this time we are focusing on Siri's rival: Cortana.

Cortana is Windows version of Siri and has been programmed ready to respond with that same level of wry humour if you ask it the right questions. But who is funnier? We'll let you decide...

  1. Are you beautiful?
  2. Are you friends with Siri?
  3. Will you marry me?
  4. Knock, Knock...
  5. Why are we here?
  6. I don't like you!
  7. I like you, Cortana.
  8. Sing to me.
  9. When's your birthday?
  10. Dance!
  11. Surprise me!
  12. What does the name Cortana mean?
  13. What's the best phone?
  14. Do you like apples?
  15. Good morning.
  16. Am I beautiful?
  17. Who's your daddy?
  18. Can you tell the future?
  19. Tell me a joke.
  20. What's your favourite music?

We hope that has made your Friday that little bit more fun!