#FunFriday "And how does that make you feel?"

It's Friday.
You're stressed, tired, ready for the weekend and holding onto your patience by a thread.

And then 'Brian' comes to you with a problem. Oh, Brian - we all know a Brian don't we - you're already working on four different projects, all with today as the deadline and then Brian drops another problem into your lap!

It's too much to handle, you've finally snapped but who can you talk to?!
If only there was an in-house Therapist to offload your problems to.
Well, don't fret, help is at hand.

Built into your Mac is Eliza - your very own, personal Therapist! (You can ask Siri all about Eliza!)
Chat to Eliza and offload all your worries to the chatbot and let her talk you into a place of zen and contentment.

To access Eliza follow these steps:

  • Open up 'Terminal' on your Mac.
  • Type "emacs".
  • Press the 'Esc' key.
  • Type a capital 'X'
  • Type "doctor" then press the return key.

Hey, presto! Your Therapist is ready and waiting - and isn't going to charge you £120 per hour.