#FunFriday - Tetris in terminal

Apple has a proud history of hiding little surprises in their operating systems. Each Friday we are going to show you one of these wonderful hidden gems. So first off in honour of an afternoon of sport we thought we'd show you how to play a few games in your terminal window. Terminal can be a little daunting but it has a whole heap of interesting and powerful features built into it. So to get into some retro gaming you need to:

1. Open a terminal window by opening spotlight search and typing in terminal and hitting enter.

2. Type in emacs and press enter, you well see the screen below.

3. Press ESC + x at the same time and type in either 'tetris', 'pong' or 'snake' (without the quote marks) depending what game you want to play and you're away.

As ever with Terminal make sure you type the commands as listed, as small typos can change the way some commands act. 

From the Team at Maven, have a great weekend!