You...shall not pass!

Our world is intricately linked with technology. There is no escaping it, and in truth, there is very little you can do nowadays to interact with the world without using some form of technology. We can pay for food using our fingerprints and phones, we can order bespoke pottery from China and get it within 48 hours, we can do our banking from the comfort of a warm bath (if you were so inclined?). The point is, with this world of interconnectivity security is more important than ever before.

Internet security aside (for more reading click here), personal security is just as important. Generally, there are two types of people in the world. Those steadfast ladies and gents who have one trusty password that they use for EVERYTHING under the sun. The other type being those courageous souls who have 101 passwords, and change them every fortnight, keeping each written down in their trusty Filofax...those are still a thing, right?

Now obviously, both of those mindsets have pros and cons but each essentially they both centre around the same idea. The need for secure, memorable passwords that can be accessed when needed. Now software for remembering passwords has been around for a long time and yet, many individual users seem reluctant to bite, whether that's because of costs or users not feeling the need. To help with the myriad of options out there we have selected 3 Password programs for your perusal and with our favourite feature from each highlighted.

Firstly, this program looks great. It's simple, sleek and whilst that's ultimately not that important it does create a very friendly user interface. Secondly, 1Password stores everything for you, bank cards, web logins, software licenses, and of course passwords. With a simple command, 1Password will autofill anything you've given it details for. Signing up to an amazon account? No more forms to fill out - 1Password will do it all for you, inc adding card details so you're only ever seconds away from registering an account with pretty much any company.

1Password also has a program called Watchtower built in which will automatically notify you of any websites that have been hacked, letting you know instantly that a password change is needed. A password change that 1Password can help you with - if you ask it to, 1Pass will randomly assign a strong password to any account and with the ability to add 1Pass to an unlimited amount of devices you'll never have to remember a password again!

1Password pricing ranges from a one-off payment of approx. £50 for one password vault on unlimited computers to approx. £3.50 a month for a family account that can be tailored to allow certain users to have access to certain passwords and not others.

LastPass has a super user-friendly interface that has a place for everything and everything in its place. One of our favourite things about LastPass is that it allows you to easily organise passwords into folders and groups. Favourite your most regularly used passwords, create your holiday folder to include your travel company, passport details and flight details so that they're all easily in one place.

Another great option with LastPass is that their free account is surprisingly comprehensive. You can add an unlimited number of passwords, automatically fill out forms and check the strength of your exiting passwords. For an individual user it is difficult to look past this option!

Dashlane is undoubtedly the best looking of the bunch. It's slick, sleek design makes you feel instantly comfortable and at ease. Like every other program you need to choose a strong, master password to access it's features, after that it's a doddle. Dashlane has an exceptionally good mobile App for iOS with a lot of excellent, intuitive features as well as Apple Watch integration.

Whilst it's not quite up there with LastPass, Dashlane's free option is pretty solid. Especially if you're mainly concerned with reducing the amount of time you can spend fiddling with forms on a mobile device! Dashlane is the perfect companion for the frequent mobile user.

Now all of these come with military standard security and encryption. All of them demand a master password that they themselves do not have access to, so even if they were compromised your passwords would remain safe.

So, hopefully that's given you an insight into the best password softwares available, but don't take our word for it - download their apps or add-ins and see for yourself!