#FunFriday Well that is QI...

Every office has one. That guy that sits in the corner and when he looks up to speak, usually to no one specifically but just generally addressing the room, everyone is suddenly engrossed in their work. Not due to some terrible dental hygiene issue, but because the sentence usually starts with: 'Did you know...' or 'You know what's interesting...'
To honour those wonderful people, we have two of our favourite 'that's quite interesting' facts from apple.


Voice Memo

The icon for the voice memo app in iOS9 (shown below) is a waveform of the word Apple.

Macintosh Debut

Whenever there is an incomplete or paused app download, the date modified reads  January 24th, 1984. This is the date that Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh computer to the world. You can watch him do it in true Jobs style here.