The Importance of Technology in Education

Here at Maven, we are passionate about technology working for you, not against you. This is no more true than within the education sector. Where budgets are limited, making the most of any investment is vital. But is technology worth the investment? Well, firstly let's look at whether it is important to use technology in education. 

Twenty-First Century Generation

21st-Century children are growing up in a world where technology is incorporated into every area of life. Most children are going to school with smart devices in their pockets; they often pick up technology much faster than the generations before them. This inherent knowledge of technology means that to best communicate with Generation Y you need to use technology.

This means that technology should not be treated simply as an addition to education but should become the basis of it.

Furthermore, technology can become adaptive to a student's learning abilities. It is becoming abundantly clear that no two students learn in exactly the same way. Some have a kinesthetic learning style, others prefer listening to a lecturer speak and others need to read things to fully understand. Rather than lesson plans being split merely into different sections for different learning styles, technology now gives us the opportunity to be able to offer material and activities based on learning styles. It also grants learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace being able to repeat sections they didn't fully understand or advance through things that they do; with all of this being instantly available to a teacher without interrupting the pace of learning. This flexibility enables educators the ability to support every student to learn in a style that suits them and achieve their full potential. It also allows for a natural student-led differentiation where experts aid in the learning of less able students.

It is clear that we have a generation that has grown up with technology and are increasingly adept at using it; so what exciting developments are there in the world of technology for education?

iOS  9.3
We were thrilled when Apple announced an impressive array of new tools for schools that are being released with its latest software (iOS 9.3). The new functionality that is included are entirely new tools that were only previously available after a significant outlay on third party solutions. 

Shared iPads
Apple has enabled a host of features which allows schools to be able to use shared iPads. A new login system means that individuals can have different sign-ins, and easily find the iPad assigned to them by looking for their picture. It also allows for simple pin logins for younger users and gives students the opportunity to start from where they last left off. 

Classroom App

This is a welcome addition when working with young people and technology. It allows the teacher to see exactly what is happening on their students' iPads at a glance. It also allows teachers to launch apps and lock apps to help maintain focus. You also have the option to share a student's work to a classroom television or projector using AirPlay. It also gives the teacher the ability to reset students' passwords so there's no need to bother the IT department to get it sorted.

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager aims to streamline the use of iPads in schools by allowing the set up of enrollment profiles and being able to buy and distribute apps and books quickly and easily to all the iPads within the school.

Managed IDs

Linked to the new Apple School Manager, managed IDs allow school administrators to quickly reset passwords, audit accounts, create IDs in bulk and create customised roles throughout the school. This allows for tighter safeguarding practice and ensures all student accounts are fully managed and maintained by school administrators. 

The great thing about everything Apple will be releasing in iOS 9.3 is that it further helps the iPads become a centralised, managed platform for learning overtaking the IT rooms of our past. 

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