#FunFriday Too many bots...

When Facebook made the decision to move all inbox messaging and live chat to a separate App more than a few people were annoyed at having to run two Apps to organise one social media profile.

Talk about 1st world problems, hey?

But it's been a fair few years of living with Facebook Messenger and we've always found it...well...like any other standard Messaging App. It hasn't really brought any new features or innovations but with the push for 3rd party integrations Messenger has finally started to introduce a few quirky features.

Namely: Bots.

Bots are automated scripts that can respond almost instantly to simple sentences and requests mimicking human responses. Whilst these things can sometimes go VERY wrong (click here) Bots tend to be highly amusing and sometimes very useful.

Here are our top 3 bots (in no particular oder) that are accessible via Facebook Messenger. Simply search their exact name and send them a message.

1. Hello Jarvis

Much like his comic alter ego, Jarvis is here to help. Simply tell Jarvis what city you're in to set his clock straight and off you go. Ask Jarvis to remind you to feed the cat, he'll message you whenever you need. Need to call your mother later on in the evening, ask Jarvis to give you a nudge. Now I'm aware it's really no different to Reminders but still...he's got a name and everything!

2. Dinner Ideas

This is my personal favourite on this list) can be set up to prompt you with delicious recipes every day or every week and much better than that, simply give it a list of what is in your cupboards or fridge and it will scour the web at superhuman speeds and return a list of possible recipes with your ingredients! Your very own personal chef!

3. Zork

If you've followed this blog at all you might realise we're quite the bunch of geeks (the support team, certainly!) and we love nothing more than a choose-your-own-adventure during our lunch break. Luckily, Messenger delivers! Zork is an old repurposed DOS game that allows you to interact and pick your path through a number of quests.

So there you have it, feel free to search for your own bots and let us know which ones you stumble across. Enjoy your weekends!