#FunFriday Google Mirror

Over the years Google has gained a reputation for quirky, relevant tweaks to it's instantly recognisable homepage ranging from finding Mt. Doom on Google Maps (a Lord of the Rings reference incase you didn't know!) to making the homepage turn 360 degrees by telling Google to, "do a barrel roll".

Now unfortunately, over the years more and more of these interactive features have been discontinued and fewer are being released. But have no fear, Maven have found a way for you to enjoy at least some of the more innovative homepage makeovers of the last few years.

The website: elgoog.im ***Google backwards, like seeing it in a mirror - get it! ;-)***
has managed to replicate the coolest ones to feature on Google, ranging from an interactive guitar to the 1980's classic arcade game, Pac Man.

So drop in on elgoog.im and have a play around. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Happy Friday everyone!