Is Apple trying to kill the desktop?


From what I can see Apple may well be trying to kill the desktop with what was (or wasn't) announced at yesterdays event. Let me explain.

The Mac Pro hasn't been updated for 1044 days, the mac mini for 742 and the iMac for 381.


Well, the only reason I can see that this might be happening is that they don't think the desktop is worth updating. Think about it... why update a desktop when you can give people all the same power (Macs, especially the mac mini, has been using parts designed for laptops for years) as a desktop in a laptop form, that can also connect over one cable to a monitor?

This makes sense when you think about it... how many of us work in the evenings or want the ability to do so, just incase. Why not buy a machine that you can use wherever you are and also give people the ability to have all the 'extra' stuff you need (large hard drive, peripherals, printers and maybe even a CD/DVD drive) plugged in ready to go on your desk at work. This all sounds great, right?

Well yeah... if you've got over £3000 to spend on a laptop, thunderbolt 5K screen, external drive, high bandwidth network adapters, so on (and a surprising amount of people do, by the way) but for your average Joe; this latest announcement from Apple leaves you wishing for more (or less in terms of wanting something cheaper that isn't as flexible).

After seeing Microsoft's product announcement the day before I was hoping for something similar. An iMac that changes into a massive Desktop iPad Pro by pulling the screen down (I know they have patents for this!!). But no dice... all they did was make some new laptops and make them more expensive.

For instance, if I was going to upgrade my current machine I'd want to go for the 15" MacBook Pro - that would set me back £2499 - plus a 27" 5K screen for another £1499 (at least) and that's before I've spent any money on dongles and adaptors to convert all my existing kit to comply with the new USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports. Incidentally, I love by the Thunderbolt 3 by the way. I have no problem with them making that change as I think it makes much more sense!

That's a lot of cash!!

We deal a lot with companies rolling out more iPads and iPhones every week and for Apple, the iPhone is their biggest seller - and money maker. This shows me that mobility is the order of the day and I'm hoping that companies like Dropbox catch onto the idea of using a laptop that converts into a desktop when 'docked' using thunderbolt.

I'm thinking that I'd like to be able to selectively sync certain folders when I'm in 'laptop mode' and a different set of data when I'm in 'docked' mode, connected to a larger external RAID array at my desk. This would be a game changer for creatives! It would also go a long way to reassuring people about moving data to 'the cloud' because they could have all their data on the external drive accessible on their desk but also have what they need when they're out and about without internet access.

Either way, I love the new machines, I wish they were cheaper, I wish we had a new Mac Mini and a new Mac Pro. But hey, maybe they'll announce these next week...