Are you Dropboxy?

If you didn't know, you do now: Dropbox has 500 million users worldwide with over 50% of FORTUNE500 companies utilising the cloud/fog based storage providers services as well as 3.3bn connections having been made to date.

To say Dropbox have cornered their respective market is an understatement, which is why this week, we've chosen to focus on their latest iOS 10 App and see what it has to offer.

With apple's iOS10 being adopted faster than any previous iOS update (68% of apple mobile devices are running it after only one month!)  it's vital that companies with such a  big marketshare - like Dropbox - keep up with the trend.

So...what's new?

The first feature to note is that Dropbox can now be seen and interacted with from the notification centre. Add Dropbox to your widget and you will be able to quickly and effeciently scan documents, take pictures and even create new files without having to find and directly access the Dropbox app. A simple but effective update.

Secondly, file links can now be sent from within iMessage. Simply select the app logo (found next to the message input box) and cycle through your already integrated apps to Dropbox. From here you can securely and swiftly send a link to any file stored within your dropbox to your friends.

Another feature that we are looking forward to using is Apple's 'picture-in-picture' function. Picture-in-picture allows users to have a window stay on top whilst you use other apps. Whilst this is a wonderful function in theory, it's lack of integration with other apps has held back it's functionality somewhat, with big names like Netflix unable to use the feature.

However, with Dropbox using this feature we are now able to check our spreadsheet details against another form at the same time (or in truth it's more likely we're going to be watching videos stored in our dropbox whilst claiming to be at work!) In a similar vein, Dropbox will also offer split-screen support in the coming weeks!

Finally, Dropbox have tweaked the app to now allow single tap refresh, so you no longer need to swipe and hold down to refresh your files. You are now easily able to add your signatures to PDF's to allow you more control on the move, no longer waiting to be on a desktop computer to finish certain documents!

All in all?

Whilst none of these features are game changers they're vital steps in keeping Dropbox at the forefront of an already super competitive area of the digital market. The Dropbox app is straight forward and intuitive, two things that are imperative for any mobile application. If you're looking for a digital storage solution - simply look no further than Dropbox.

After all, IT should work for you. Not against you.