10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts you should know.

The old adage goes, "shortcuts make long journeys" but there is at least one situation where that isn't true! Keyboard shortcuts!

Having to manually click or go through processes that can be solved with a simple combinations of buttons is jus, plain unnecessary. So here are a small selection of shortcuts you can use on your Mac:

1) cmd-tab
Holding the cmd button and then tapping tab will allow you to easily switch between open applications that are running on your computer. This is an incredibly easy way to switch screens quickly and perfect for hiding that game of Solitaire you have running in the background...not that we condone that sort of thing ;-) 

2) cmd-shift-3 or cmd-shift-4
Pressing a combination of cmd-shift-3 at the same time will take a complete screenshot (similar to the power-home combination used on iPhones) of whatever is displayed at the time. Using 4 instead of 3 will turn your cursor into crosshairs which allows you to click and select the exact area you would like to save.

3) cmd-Q
If you need to permanently close an Application that you're donw with. Hit this combo and Mac will exit that program fully.

4) cmd-option-h
Sometimes though, the reason you want to quit an App is that it has frozen or become unresponsive. In these instances a simple quit won't do the trick, you'll need to force it. Pressing this combo will bring up the force quit window helping you to select which program you want to terminate!

5) cmd-t
Whether you're using Finder or in Web Browser opening up tabs is always useful. Simply press these two and, voila! A new tab appears.

6) cmd-h
Use this shortcut to minimise or 'hide' all the windows open for the program you have open.

7) cmd-spacebar
If you're anything like me this will become one of the most commonly used shortcuts you know. Pressing these two simultaneously will bring up the spotlight function, which in itself will give you access to a plethora of actions.

8) cmd-f
This shortcut will help you search an open window for specific, displayed words. This is incredibly useful in Safari as you can locate specific sentences of interest.

9) cmd-x/c/v
Again, for most people this shortcut is a way of life. Pressing cmd-x will 'cut' whatever you have selected or highlighted. cmd-c will copy whatever you have chosen and cmd-v will paste your previously cut or copied items.

10) You tell us!
A shortcut that we've missed? The one that you couldn't live without? The please feel free to comment below and let us know!